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Welcome friends

This is the home page of #gasclass. This is a site for case based discussion service which we launched in October 2011. We cover anaesthesia as well as critical care and whilst this is aimed at trainee anaesthetists we hope that all grades of anaesthetist will find this useful. We have also noted that doctors from other specialties as well as allied healthcare professionals also read the site and we look forward to your contributions as well.

Hypothetical case details will be posted here. By following @gasclass you will receive notification of new cases or updates to existing discussions. The case will be posted on a Monday and we hope that a discussion will take place using Twitter over the following few days. Don’t forget to use the hash tag #gasclass so that the discussion can be followed. We will try to summarise any learning points by the following Friday.

In our first month we had 1300 hits on this site and 55 different Twitter contributors from all corners of the planet. We hope to continue expanding during term 2.

This term we will be using #gasclass as the basis for a weekly face to face discussion in our institution. If this real life discussion generates any additional discussion we will feed it back into the online world. If any departments would like to try something similar, or if you have any suggestions, including ideas for cases, then please get in touch.

We have a willing and hard working team ready to roll but this will only be a success if people join in the discussion.

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