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June week case with gas-and-air doc @mjslabbert – Quick introduction

June 9, 2014

Hi everyone,

The lovely blogger-hosts of gasclass have kindly invited me to facilitate this weeks gasclass case. I’ve chosen a case that has some elements of several of my interests and will hopefully open some interesting discussions. Although I have dealt with similar pathology in the past, no identifiable information will be used and most of the details have been changed.

As always over the week the case will develop and more info will be shared (well, only if you participate). This is a hybrid forum where responses can be posted on twitter, so follow the @gasclass account and search using #gasclass tag to see other people’s replies.

As always, there are no right or wrong answers.  It is meant to promote discussion and awareness of basic and advanced topics in anesthesia and critical care and might stretch you outside the safe walls of the OR and ICU.  Please include #gasclass in your tweets when you reply!

Case will be introduced in the next blog post, so please click on it…

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