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Term 7 Week 7 (w/c 18/11/13)

November 19, 2013

Good morning class. Appologies for the minor delay in starting this weeks discussion, but at least we are under way now…

We are going to be stepping out of the operating theatre for this weeks case. As an introduction and to set the scene, let begin by asking;

Describe the issues that mental health or psychiatric disorder might cause us as anaesthetists?

Thanks to everyone that has contributed so far, certainly some good suggestions. On to the next part…

You are working as part of a specialised aeromedical retrival team and are tasked to a remote area to retrive and transfer a patient to the nearest mental health unit. Your available resources include your team (pilots, critical care/transfer paramedic, and you) and a fixed wing aircraft (complete with medical fit). You know the flight time from retrival to facility will be 30 mins with a brief land transfer at the recieving end…

What information do you want to know before you depart to the patients location?

There are no trick questions in #Gasclass. Everyone’s contribution is welcome. Please do not forget to add the ‘hashtag’ #gasclass to every Tweet so that it is included in the conversation. To help give new contributors an opportunity to join in we would advise that you should only add one idea per tweet and not contribute until another Tweeter has joined in.



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