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Term 6 Week 1 (w/c 29/04/13)

#gasclass is back for term 6

We have had a great holiday and the team has been conferring for some new cases and appointing a new member for the team.

This week we are starting off in theatre reception and your list has a trans-sphenoidal hypophysectomy.

In classic #gasclass questioning style tell us on Twitter what you are thinking as you walk towards the admission unit.

What anaesthetic issues are you thinking about?

We will release more details as we go along.

As you walk onto the ward thinking all sorts of clever thoughts the nursing staff say you need to know the 72 year old Hypophysectomy patient’s blood pressure was 195/115 on admission. It’s very helpful of them to let you know.

What are you thinking as you head towards the note trolley?

Please remember to add the hashtag #gasclass to all correspondence on Twitter. Please also take turns to put your thoughts. Try to keep to one issue and then wait until another Tweeter has contributed before giving more thoughts.

Everyone’s views are welcome. We really would like to welcome more contributions this term so new people are very welcome whatever your background or grade.

The Gasclass Team

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