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Term 3 Week 7 (w/c 11/06/2012)

Hello class

Once again we will start this weeks case with a fairly open ended question before progressing to more detail about the case.

What are the issues regarding anaesthesia and the MRI scanner??

Please list one issue at a time and to encourage participation you must wait until someone else has contributed before adding another.

The case will be updated tomorrow.

Quiet first day on this weeks #gasclass. We will contiunue with an additional question. The case details will be added once we have had some responses…

What patient groups might require anaesthesia or sedation for MRI?

You are asked by radiology to help with a patient who needs an MRI. The lady is in her 40s, overweight (BMI 42). She states she is reasonably well, has a PMH of menorrhagia.

She suffers from anxiety and has had an admission to the ED with palpitations previously. The ECG from her admission is shown below.

The radiologist think the scan will take around 40 mins. She is very anxious at the thought of MRI and does not feel she will be able to cope.

Is there anything else you would like to know? How will you proceed?

There are no trick questions in #gasclass. It is an educational tool only. Everyone’s opinion is as valid as the next person. Follow the conversation by using (or searching for) the hashtag #gasclass on twitter. We welcome input from all specialities and you can send us a direct message if you would prefer to remain anonymous.


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