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New direction for @Gasclass

We are constantly looking for new ideas to make #gasclass even more interactive. We have not, as yet, followed fellow Twitter users. We propose making a change to this so that we can receive direct messaging from colleagues. Let us know if this sounds useful.

Our @Gasclass survey shows that we have many watchers who do not tweet. We hope that this change will give them an opportunity to join in with the debate.

Next week a group of @Gasclass followers are planning to use the weekly case discussion as one of their departmental teaching opportunity allowing the international discussion to inform local debate. We are looking forward to getting some feedback from this department and we would welcome any other followers to try this and let us know.


We have started to receive some Direct Messages. A question of anonymity has arisen and we would like everyone to know that we want to encourage participation and will take DM as a way of taking part in the debate by asking questions or putting a point of view without having to reveal more than is wished.

We have also received some new material which is a real benefit for our future prosperity. We have now had over 4000 visits to the blog and more than 60 contributors to the Twitter feed from all corners of the globe.


The @Gasclass team had a get together today and were most impressed by the fact that even in our specialist areas we have all learned something new every week. We hope that everyone else feels the same.


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