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We are aware that many non anaesthetists have been watching the conversation at #gasclass. Due to the limited number of characters available with twitter it is inevitable that abreviations get used.

I will try to maintain this list of abreviations so that it maybe used as a reference for new or non anaesthetists.

GA – General Anaesthetic
SA – Spinal anaesthetic / Sub arachnoid anaesthetic
RA – Regional anaesthesia (Could be spinal, epidural, peripheral nerve block – etc)
LMA – Laryngeal mask airway. A supraglottic device maintaining airway patency, deliverying gas but not protecting against aspiration
ETT – Endotracheal tube. A cuffed tube in the trachea delivering gas (tube)
TCI – Target controlled infusion. Mirco processor / syringe driver delivering a mathematically derived concentration of drug
PCA – Patient controlled analgaesia (bolus delivery controlled by the patient)

A Line – Arterial line (gives beat to beat blood pressure readings & allows sampling of arterial blood, e.g. for blood gases)
CO monitor – Cardiac output monitor. (allows estimation of cardiac output, preload, Systemic vascular resistance)
CVC – central venous catheter (Central line, allows delivery of certain drugs, sampling of venous blood, calculation of central venous pressure)
SV – Spontaneous ventilation.
IPPV – Intermittent Positive Pressure Ventilation

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